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Traffic IQ Gateway

A unique software solution for applying Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) to IP traffic for evaluating the recognition and response capabilities of your corporate security defences.

idappcom's Traffic IQ Gateway solution has been specifically designed to apply Advanced Evasion Techniques to IP network traffic for the purpose of evaluating and testing the recognition and response capabilities of your organisations defences.

The Traffic IQ Gateway is a fully functional IP level gateway that has the unique ability to apply known security evasion techniques to the traffic passing through it. These evasion techniques are known to evade certain security devices such as routers, application layer firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems. The Traffic IQ Gateway can be configured to apply these techniques to outbound and/or inbound traffic simultaneously

The available IP evasion techniques include:

  • IP fragmentation in any valid size

  • Null fragment insertion

  • Out of sequence fragments

  • Fragmentation of only certain packet types

The available HTTP evasion techniques include:

  • URI encoding

  • Random URI encoding

  • Session splicing

  • Invalid version number

  • Fake parameter

  • Prepend random string

  • Mix case request

  • Random case URL

  • Tab separator requests

  • Reverse backslash

How it works:

Traffic IQ Gateway utilises two network adapters and creates an IP level gateway that is then used to bi-directionally send and receive packets between the two adapters. When the packets are received by the internal network adapter, security evasion techniques will be applied before the packet is then passed to the external network adapter for routing to its destination and vice versa.

The Traffic IQ Gateway can utilise any virtual or physical adapter and it will bind directly to the chosen adapter thus removing the need to use the operating systems TCP/IP stack. This has numerous advantages and enables the gateway to apply evasion techniques that would not normally be possible.

You can apply any combination of security evasion techniques while the gateway is running by simply moving sliders or ticking on and off options.

Any IP traffic can be passed through the gateway including standard protocols, application traffic and attack traffic.


IP Fragmentation

By simply moving a slider any valid level of fragmentation can be specified from 8 byte micro fragments to the maximum transmission unit (MTU).

Null Fragment Insertion

Users can simply tick an option to insert a Null fragment into the traffic stream before or after the original fragment to suit Windows or Unix testing.

Fragmentation Packet Types

Fragmentation can be selectively applied to certain types of packet by simply turning on options.

HTTP Evasion

Thirteen different types of HTTP evasion are available to apply to traffic passing through the gateway. These evasion types can be applied in any combination.

Evasion in Real-Time

All of the fragmentation and HTTP evasion settings can be applied in any combination while the gateway is running and passing traffic between the two selected interfaces.

IDappcom Stealth Technology

The Traffic IQ Gateway uses the idappcom stealth technology to bind directly to any virtual or physical network adapter in the machine it is running on. This technology gives idappcom applications greater speed and the ability to do advance packet manipulation without using the operating systems TCP/IP stack.


Flexible Deployment

Traffic IQ Gateway is a Microsoft Windows based technology and can be deployed on the simplest entry level laptops to the most advanced integrated appliances.

Ease of Use

The Traffic IQ Gateway makes the complex task of applying known security evasion techniques to any IP traffic very easy. Once you have selected the network adapters you want to use, enter their network settings and press the start button. Now you can simply move sliders to change settings and tick on or off combinations of different evasion techniques in real-time as traffic passes through the gateway.

Saves Time and Money

Traffic IQ Gateway negates the need for engineers to run Unix operating systems, or rely on untrusted open source tools to apply security evasion techniques to IP traffic.

You will instantly see how the Traffic IQ Gateway will fast-track your evaluation and testing of security devices saving a substantial amount of time and money.

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