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gipsy by IDappcom

For more Information on how to sell gipsy check out our partner page or contact us now

Created by IDappcom, gipsy, is a low cost IPS (intrusion protection system) for the home or small office. There are 3 types of gipsy

  • gipsy Home

  • gipsy Roamer

  • gipsy Small Business

We sell these 3 products direct to consumers on or through out channel partners. Our partners can resell our brand or whitelable our systems under their own brands. Please find below some information on each of the products.

1. gipsy Home

This product is built with the home worker and family in mind. Simply plug it into your router and connect all devices in your home to the gipsy. From there we will manage the cyber security requirements of the home.



2. gipsy Roamer

This product is built for the travelling business person. It provides enhanced security when browsing the Internet, checking email or accessing a corporate network from a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. gipsy Small Business

This product is built for small businesses. A business class Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) that will protect multiple devices connecting to the Internet, specially designed for Small Business or Home Office use

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