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Traffic IQ Professional

Traffic IQ is a highly configurable solution for assessing, auditing and enhancing the recognition and response capabilities of network based intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Traffic IQ Professional can be used to assess, audit and test the behavioural characteristics of any non-proxy packet filtering device including;

  • Application layer firewalls

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Intrusion prevention systems

  • Routers and switches

Traffic IQ Professional is extremely versatile and can be used to accomplish numerous time consuming and difficult security audit and compliance tasks. These include;

  • Regulatory compliance validation and auditing

  • Rule-based egress and ingress testing

  • Recognition and response testing

  • Signature development and fine-tuning

  • Change control procedure verification

  • Advanced penetration testing

  • Application protocol and threat traffic scanning

Flexible Deployment

Traffic IQ Professional is a Microsoft Windows based technology and can be deployed on the simplest entry level laptops to the most advanced integrated appliances.


Ease of Use

Traffic IQ Professional makes complex auditing and testing scenarios simple with point and click graphical network settings and select and click traffic replay capabilities. The user does not need development or scripting knowledge to use it.

Saves Time and Money

Traffic IQ Professional negates the need to;

  • Run Unix operating systems

  • Download and compile live exploit code

  • Rely on untrusted open source tools

  • Build sacrificial or vulnerable hosts to enable you to
    assess your security devices

Key Features

Traffic Replay

Traffic files can be selected and replayed at the touch of a button. Traffic files can also be organised into groups for replaying and exporting to other users.

Scan Lists

Traffic Scan Lists can be created easily using the point and click user interface. These powerful scan lists can be used for replaying traffic from entire classes of IP addresses and ports to an individual machine, group, range or class of IP addresses and ports.


Using the built-in report viewer you can quickly and easily determine exactly what traffic was sent, the parameters used and clearly see if the traffic was successfully sent and received (allowed) or if the traffic was blocked (blocked).

Traffic Library

Traffic IQ Professional is supported by a library containing information on more than 21,000 of the latest application threats and exploits.

Security Rules

As an optional extra, high quality security rules from the Traffic IQ Library can be applied to your existing security devices to enhance their threat detection capabilities.

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