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Technology Partners

Valued partners whom we work with to share information and technology advances in IT security and networking



Endace is the only global supplier of intelligent network recorders and infrastructure that can continuously copy every packet on 10Gbps, 40G and/or 100G network links without data loss. To navigate the terabytes of data recorded by the system, an integrated application-aware, browser-based Network Search Engine allows global organizations to cut to the heart of their network/security issues for definitive event resolution.

This unique capability accelerates response times to network and security issues, manages IT risk, improves operational efficiency and maximizes network uptime. Hundreds of Endace Intelligent Network Recorders can be centrally managed for a searchable universal view of all the data on a large, worldwide network.


For more information visit: Endace Fusion Program


Cobham Wireless offers a wide range of cutting-edge development and test tools for advanced networks, testing all key wireless, cellular and IP technologies worldwide. Our IP, cellular and wireless network test solutions enable our customers to analyse, develop and validate the performance and capability of a wide variety of network functions and devices.

Cobham Wireless TeraVM is a network performance validation tool; that generates traffic scenarios with realism and scale. TeraVM is used for performance validation of network functions and application services in the lab, datacenter and/or cloud.

By emulating stateful applications of voice, video and data our customers can validate network performance as experienced by the end user.


For more information about Cobham Wireless and TeraVM, please visit

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