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SysAid On-Premise Directory Traversal CVE-2023-47246

Application Details

SysAid On-Premise is used to manage IT tasks. SysAid On-Premise also allows end users to contact IT services, regardless of their location.


SysAid On-Premise could allow a remote attacker to traverse directories on the system, caused by improper archive file validation.


An attacker could use a specially crafted zlib compressed WAR file webshell containing "dot dot" sequences (/../) to control where this webshell is written on the vulnerable server. The attacker can then browse to the URL where it now resides to gain access to the server.

POST /userentry?accountId=/../../../tomcat/webapps/usersfiles

By turning this into a traffic file and matching rule, we are able to detect attempts at directory traversal leading to remote code execution on the system.


Idappcom have created signature 8024393 along with a traffic file for this vulnerability.


Huntress - CVE-2023-47246

Traffic IQ

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