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Invoice System 1.0 Cross-Site Scripting

Application Details

The Invoice System stores a list of categories, products, services, and invoices.


Invoice System is vulnerable to cross-site scripting, caused by improper validation of user-supplied input by the Dashboard, Invoice, Category, Service, Product, and Settings options.


A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to inject malicious script into a Web page which would be executed in a victim's Web browser within the security context of the hosting Web site, once the page is viewed. An attacker could use this vulnerability to steal the victim's cookie-based authentication credentials.

POST /simple_invoice/admin/login.php
PAYLOAD - system name="></script><script>alert('idappcomDEE')</script>


By turning this into a traffic file and matching rule, we are able to detect attempts to influence the vulnerable parameter with cross-site scripting attempts.


Idappcom has created signature 8021554 along with a traffic file.


Traffic IQ

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